Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Economy is going to be years before anywhere near where it was in Oct, Nov Dec of 2019

The economy is far from being in a strong position at this point. My money is in Bond Funds and ETF's that pay me a dividend. Am I bullish on Stocks ? No.

Lets congratulate the Fed. They've done the right thing. I'm comfortable owning Debt, Securities, high yielding debt, hedging it at times in the stock market. I wont be short. I don't want to fight the Fed. Do I wish to be long ? No.

I hope we go to new highs, but I have serious doubts whether that would happen in the next year or two.

via FoxBusiness interview with Stu

Monday, July 13, 2020

When the public is in the markets speculating, thats always a sign of a market top

I think Portnoy's complaint is I think deleterious to the stock market prices. I have seen this before in 2000, I saw it in 1987, 1972 to 1974. I think this is indicative of a bearish market thats about to get weaker; not stronger.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Dennis Gartman still bullish on Gold in 2020

Gartman on Gold
Let us understand that I am not a gold bug. I am actually an optimist. But I do think the monetary authorities, led by the Fed, ECB, Bank of Japan and China, have no choice but to remain expansionary and will be even more expansionary in the future. Gold broke out above $1,700 and will probably go a good deal higher. There are times when you should own gold. There are times when you should not. This is a time where you should.

Best way to own Gold 
You can own Gold Futures but I dont think that is the better way. There are ETF's that one can own and various mining companies. I prefer the ETF's. It is a better way to go. 

Owning Gold is "a bet on the debasement of major currencies" that is the driving force. 

Full audio on Bloomberg Daybreak here

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Gartman would not be a buyer of Crude Oil

The reasons for Oil Price declines

Huge Amount of Crude Oil coming into the US. Supply is increasing and demand is decreasing everywhere. We want to blame the Saudi and the Russians but that is being resolved right now. What I buy Crude Oil ? No Certainly not with your money.


I think we will go down and test the March 2020 lows. Rarely we get a bear market ending with a V bottom. Dead cats do bounce. I think this rally should be sold into. This is going to be one of the worst recessions. The Fed and Treasury are doing what they should be doing.

Corona Virus

This is the United States. We will defeat the Corona Virus. 

Q1 2020 Upcoming Earnings

It's not going to be pretty

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