Monday, February 17, 2014

Dennis Gartman launches Gold ETF's

Throughout the course of my career, I’ve discovered first-hand that a diligent and comprehensive approach to trading and investing can deliver positive returns to a diversified investment portfolio. Among those lessons, I’ve learned that owning different commodities, especially gold, in different currency terms can provide added-value for any investor’s alternative allocation.

AdvisorShares, a leading sponsor of actively managed exchange-traded funds (ETFs), has unveiled an industry-first suite of ETFs providing gold exposure in different currency terms. It has been launched in partnership with Dennis Gartman, editor and publisher of The Gartman Letter, and Treesdale Partners.

The four ETFs are:
AdvisorShares Gartman Gold/Euro ETF (GEUR)
AdvisorShares Gartman Gold/British Pound ETF (GGBP)
AdvisorShares Gartman Gold/Yen ETF (GYEN)
AdvisorShares International Gold ETF (GLDE)