Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sell the rallies says Dennis Gartman

Essentially repeating what we said here ...., there are still many who deny that this is a bear market, we fear that it has a good distance to the downside yet to travel. Merely to get to “The Box” shall take the S&P to 1420? 1550! Rallies are to be sold.

........ and there will be many who will argue that this is the start of the next bull market; that the worst is now behind us and that the global nearly 20% decline from the highs is sufficiently deep to have discounted all of the ill economic news that bear markets must do. 

We are of the opinion that the worst is not yet behind us; that a mere less-than-handful of months from the highs is insufficient as far as “time” is concerned for a bear market to have run its course and that new lows still lie ahead. We shall consider each and every rally then to be interim and corrective in nature, as we consider today’s rally.