Monday, December 28, 2015

Commercials are net long of Gold - Bullish indicator for gold

So after a 4½ year bear market, it's time to be bullish. I've been long gold. I got longer of gold late last week, and if we get above 1,085 I will get longer.

What really had my interest was the CFTC reports that came out last week indicating that "the commercials", as they're called, who are normally enormously net short, are almost net long. These are changes that are material. The fact that commercials are effectively net long and the public is abundantly out — that is a reason to be abundantly in.

Commercials are always ahead of the public. The last time we saw this happen in the other direction was when the commercials got egregiously net short back in November of 2011. They're the ones that call the top, they're the ones that call the bottom, so that alone has me interested.