Thursday, January 14, 2016

Victory usually goes to the patient

Our International Index has risen 89 “points” in the past twenty four hours, taking it 1% higher in the process and reviving hopes on the part of the equity market bulls that the weakness has run its course. It has not and we wish to be quite clear about that. 

For the year-to-date, our International Index is down nearly 750 “points and from its high last May it is down nearly 2350 “points” or 7.8% and 21.0% respectively. These are not insignificant numbers. Indeed they are manifestly bearish numbers and we must trade bearishly as a result, and for now we await the rise toward 1985 for the S&P as noted just above into which we have every intention of becoming rather aggressively net short of the market. We have the ability… and the opportunity… at this point to be patient, awaiting our target and waiting for the proper time.