Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Donald Trump is wrong on various topics including taxes and international trade

We are not friendly to Mr. Trump’s candidacy here at TGL, for he is wrong… badly… on international trade; he is wrong… badly… on the trend of the Chinese Renminbi over the course of the past several years; he is wrong… badly…on imminent domain; he is wrong… badly on taxes; he is wrong… badly… on the size of government.

We have to remember that this is the year of ‘anger’ in American politics and it is for this reason that men such as Gov. Kasich and Gov. Bush, one of whom in years past would have been the Republican Party’s nominee and would have likely won the Presidency but whom this year are simply not gaining traction… yet. This we find sad; this is the reason why a demagogue like Mr. Trump can hold the support of 35% of the ‘Republican' voters’ collective support when in other years he’d be seen as and understood as the demagogue, narcissist that he is. His, as he himself has said, is the ‘Mantle' of anger.

Mr. Bloomberg is at his core interventionist when it comes to economics; he is supportive of 'Big Brother' government; a strong supporter of stronger gun control legislation… in other words, he is clearly not a Republican but is far closer to interventionist philosophies identified with the Democrats. A self-funded campaign by Mr. Bloomberg would, in our opinion, do a great deal of damage to Ms. Clinton should she become the Democrat Party’s nominee, and would do demonstrably lesser damage to the eventual Republican Party nominee.