Monday, June 27, 2016

This is a serious situation and lots of confusion within Europe

I think the big thing is since the UK had a referendum, the propensity for the other countries to have a referendum grows. You're going to have countries such as Bulgaria who are marginally involved in the EU and just barely made it in. They are people in that country who are going to say, "you know what... what are the benefits ?" So there's all sorts of confusion, you have a federal elections coming up in Spain where its a very extreme right wing vs left wing. There's a lot of confusion embarked in Europe at this point and this only makes it worse.

The panic is over but now reality sets in as the world has to begin to try to understand just how truly serious and how tectonic plate-shifting was the British referendum last week. What we have come to accept as the status quo in Europe has been torn wholly asunder. That which was, isn’t, but that which shall be is wholly unknown. We are treading new ground.