Monday, August 22, 2016

Fed is creating confusion instead of transparency

On the various opinions from Fed officials 

Enough is Enough. There is far, far, far too much Fed speak with far, far, far too many variant opinions being expressed. The officials in question might think that by airing their different opinions they are doing the market a service by making their policy decisions less and less opaque and more and more transparent. They are not, however! They are creating confusion rather than transparency.

No Rate Hike coming anytime soon

Because the November [Fed] meeting is so close to the election, there is effectively zero chance of a rate hike then. And just for the record, the November meeting is scheduled for November 1-2; the election is one week later on Tuesday, November 8th. All of this means that we shall all be required to delve a bit more deeply into the minutes of the last FOMC meeting ....