Monday, August 28, 2017

Crude Oil prices declining due to Hurricane Harvey

"This is going to be a short-term event. Obviously there are going to be repercussions. What has happened, however ... it's put downward pressure on crude oil, which is confusing a lot of people. But when you think about it, the demand for crude is going to decline. At the same time, refiners are going to be curtailed, so you're going to see a shortage of gasoline and distillate. Gasoline futures are strong. Distillate futures are strong. But they're only strong in the very near buys." 

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Blockchain is a genius - But Bitcoin has a major problem

"It is a punter's dream. I give them credit for that, but it is something that I will absolutely stay away from, have stayed away from it, didn't understand it to begin with, don't understand it now.

What bothers me is that something that can move 5, 10, 15, 18 percent in the course of the day for what's supposed to be a pricing mechanism. How can you buy a house? How can you buy a car? How can you buy Starbucks with bitcoin when the price is going to fluctuate as [dramatically] as it has? This looks to me, you can take the chart of Bitcoin and apply the Bitcoin chart to the Tulip mania of the 15th century.

My problem with Bitcoin also is originally, the concept behind bitcoin was it was supposed to be a finite number of currencies. That is it would be better than the dollar or euro because those are infinite and they can be created by Central Banks out of air. But the problem is now there 1059 crypto currencies all of which can be increased. There will probably be 2000 crypto currencies. The finite nature of crypto currencies universe has become an infinite nature. We'll walk in one day and this will all have ended. And it will end very badly." - CNBC


Bull market since 2009 has ended

"Mr. Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital who’s gone on record to suggest that the “perpetual motion machine” that everyone has come to believe the stock market to be to the upside has ground to a halt.

We are indeed fearful… very… that this wondrous bull market that began in the spring of ‘09 has come to an end and we do not make this statement lightly for we know the damage that can be done to an already damaged reputation if this statement proves to be wrong.

But the monetary authorities who’ve sponsored this bull market with their massive injections of money borne out of the ether have begun the process of either standing down from that monetary expansionism or have at the very least chosen to slow the process… either of which shall be deleterious to equity."

Friday, August 18, 2017

A lower close today could be an ugly sign of things to come

After seeing some decent strength in the markets recently, stocks moved sharply lower over the course of the trading day yesterday Thursday. 

The major averages ended the session at their worst levels of the day. The Dow tumbled 274 points or 1.2 percent to 21,750.73, the Nasdaq plummeted 123 points or 1.9 percent to 6,211.91 and the S&P 500 slumped 38.10 points 1.5 percent to 2,430.01. The S&P 500 dropped to its lowest closing level in over a month. 

Dennis Gartman recently warned that the bull market in stocks had ended. His latest update is similarly bearish of the markets.

"STOCKS HAVE AGAIN FALLEN UNANIMOUSLY…AND MATERIALLY in global terms and what had heretofore been a rare circumstance when all ten markets incumbent in our International Index have fallen has now become commonplace for this happened one week ago today and it has happened yet again. Indeed, in the course of the past week, we’ve now seen three such “unanimous” days, for on Tuesday stocks “unanimously” rose. Such “unanimous” days had, until this week, been a truly rare event and had in the past marked major turning points in the market, marking final periods of exhaustion to the upside or to the down. It is interesting that with all of these violent price movements, stocks in global terms as measured by our Index have move barely at all, for last week our Index was 11,168 and this morning it is 11,226, or 0.5% higher.

We do not and we have not “trusted” equity valuations for quite some long while, believing that the markets individually and collectively have gone to levels that are not justified by earnings or economic fundamentals. The one fundamental that has been at work over the past several years has been the monetary expansions by the main monetary authorities: the Fed; the ECB and the Bank of Japan. Those authorities are now preparing to end their experiments with QE, and if they not prepared to end them they are at least prepared to slow down the seriousness of their expansions. This we find disconcerting.

Further, as has been the historic case, equity markets do indeed turn for the better long before economies move upward and out of recessions, always fueled by monetary expansion. Also, they turn down long before those same economies fall into recessions and indeed are usually moving lower as those economies are moving to their best levels as capital is demanded for plant and equipment. That capital must be taken from somewhere and that “somewhere” is the equity market… especially if the monetary authorities are becoming “stingy” with monetary expansion. That is where we are today; the economies are doing rather well… not exceedingly so; just nicely, pleasantly, “plowhorsedly” so… AND the monetary authorities are preparing to tighten policy.

However, the fact that we’ve had three “unanimous” days in a week gives us very great… bearish… pause. The fact that corporate debt here in the US has risen to all-time highs gives us pause. The fact that corporate tax receipts have been moving lower, not higher, over the past many months gives us pause, for we’ve learned simply that corporations pay taxes only on “real profits” rather than upon some of the “engineered” profits they report to shareholders and to analysts alike. We are gravely concerned that the numbers of delinquent auto loans… loans that have been extended over the years from three years, to four and to five and six!... are high and are rising. We are concerned about the stunning levels of college/university debts weighing down upon our nation’s young voters who are swayed to the politics of the Left by demagogues who promise loan forgiveness and further free college; but most of all we are concerned that the “punch bowl” of monetary expansion is about to be taken away, or shall at the very least be threatened or slowed. 

Finally, we cannot help but note once again that recent conversations with the public about their “stock holdings” cause us very real concerns, for the public truly believes that in holding mutual funds and/or ETFs that they’ve little if any exposure to the vagaries of the stock market. We had that conversation last week with our “trainer” and friends in the business have written to us this week of the same conversations they’ve had with doctors, store clerks, plumbers, and teachers et al. The public is convinced that their holdings are insured against market risk and/or that they’ve no risk whatsoever. The public is wrong and therein is our greatest fear.

In our recommendations we are long of the “bluer” chip indices while we are short of the “higher tech/broader” indices instead; that is we are long of the S&P and we are short of the NASDAQ. The more aggressive among us might wish to be long of the Dow Industrials while short of the Russell 2000, but our positioning is that of an incipient bear market. For months, the tape has been “painted” as the broad market has  weakened even as the Dow has gone on to new highs. This will continue and those not involved in this manner should become involved today.

Finally, this may well be one of the most important days in the future of the equity markets for a very long while, for should the markets trade better and then close lower …and close hard upon their lows for the  week… it will be an ominous technical sign. The great Richard Dennis of past trading fame always taught his “students,” … the famed “Turtles” as they were called… to sell markets closing their weeks on multi-week lows. It was the singular rule that made him wealthy and it is a rule we always take very seriously to heart. Thus, we shall watch today’s action with much heightened interest… more perhaps than at any time in many, many months. the futures are trading higher as we write, but a lower close today shall not be pretty."

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Ray Dalio might be a bit late to the Gold party | Gold is in a Bull Market

"We have been in a bull market for almost two years, its just been so unrecognizable. I think Gold is about to break out on the upside strongly because of inflationary pressures.

One never knows when geopolitical risks will arise. One never knows when something untoward will happen economically. So yes, you should have some part of your portfolio in [gold]. I think you should have a tad bit more than 5 or 10% at this point. The stock market looks a little vulnerable. The geopolitical circumstances are getting worse and worse. So, I think that you probably need to bring that up to 10 to 15%, rather than 5 to 10.”

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Iron and Steel could be a buy

"You had a bear market in Iron and the Steel market. But now, base metals across the board have turned to the better. I think that's from the better economic environment in the US and overseas in China.

I think you have to be impressed that Steel and Iron prices have been doing as well as they are. I would suspect that any sort of weakness, one should be a buyer. I think the trend in Steel, Iron Ore, and even shipping values are for the better."

Monday, August 7, 2017

Higher Crude Oil prices are coming

"Until about three weeks ago, I had been manifestly bearish of crude oil for a long period of time. Finally I have to tell myself, maybe higher prices lie ahead. Any weakness [should be bought].

OPEC is clearly worried about getting crude oil above $50 a barrel. They need to keep it above $50 and keep it there.

The big problem that OPEC is, Nigeria, Libya and Angola have been left out of the OPEC quota system. And both Nigeria and Libya have been extraordinary in increasing production to the dismay of the Emirates and Saudis. In their next meeting, they have to find some way to find Nigeria and Libya to be put back in the quota system. Whether Nigeria and Libya will allow themselves to be put back in the quota is another question. Can they do it? I don't know."

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Beginning of the commodities bull market ?

"I think this is the first or second year of the commodity bull market. The Grains stopped making new lows, Gold stopped making new lows almost two years ago. Crude Oil has begun to move higher. Copper stopped making new lows. If you look at the broader indexes such as the CRB index, it made its low two and half years ago."

"I like the Gold market, I like the Copper market, I like the Grain market. Something is happening there. It is not deflationary, it is Inflation."

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

NASDAQ could see a 5 or 10 percent correction | Commodities indicating inflation

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"Somethings going on. The conversation was constantly about deflation. Instead, the commodities markets are starting to tell you that perhaps there's incipient inflation taking place."

"Money is moving out of the capital market and into real plants and equipment. You may be seeing an end of the movement into the FANGS. Maybe that's whats going on."