Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Owning Gold in Euro terms is the Trade of the Year

"I'm bullish of Gold but not in US Dollar terms. Because I'm actually quite bullish of the US Dollar.  I've been bullish of Gold however in Euro terms. Given the fact, the US Federal Reserve bank has moved from being contractionary to atleast modest or somewhat expansionary; that has given cover to the ECB to continued being expansionary in its policies. I think that leads to a weaker Euro. I think that leads to higher inflation and I think that owning Gold in Euro terms is the Trade of the Year."

via Bloomberg Radio

Monday, April 8, 2019

One should be concerned

"Be very very careful on being long of the Equity markets at this point. We actually entered a global bear market last January. We actually been in a global bear market for a year. I'm very worried about where the US economy is... and very concerned where the US stock market is. The best place to be is in the Bond market and the Worst place to be is in the Equity Markets. I hope that I am clear."

via bloomberg radio